GORILLA Summercamp 2020

The GORILLA summercamp took place in the first week of August 2020 in Zurich and was an intervention project for underage unaccompanied asylum seekers (MNA). The aim of the week was for the MNAs to develop their self- and social skills by learning sports and to get in touch with other young people so that they can practice their chosen sport together beyond the camp. Networking with other young people contributes to the social integration of the MNA and at the same time increases their self-efficacy.  


Schtifti Foundation

The Schtifti Foundation and the Lilienberg MNA Centre were partners in the "GORILLA Summer Camp 2020" project. With the GORILLA project, the Schtifti Foundation is committed to promoting the health of young people.


GORILLA project

The GORILLA project encourages young people between the ages of 9 and 18 to move more through freestyle sports workshops. Topics such as healthy eating and sustainable lifestyles are also addressed. 


MNA Centre Lilienberg

The MNA Centre Lilienberg is part of the Asylum Organisation Zurich (AOZ) and is responsible for the care, accommodation and integration of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in the Canton of Zurich. 


Project Summer Camp 2020

As part of the pilot project Summer Camp 2020, activities were undertaken with asylum seekers from the Lilienberg MNA Centre. Despite the many challenges, it can be positively stated that a few very motivated young people were encountered who are now also participants in GORILLA Rookies. GORILLA Rookie supports young people in practising freestyle sports by organising and carrying out freestyle sports projects with them.