The young foundation already has a broad selection of very different activities, a fact that underlines its ambition and determination. The focus of the ERNA Foundation is reflected in the projects supported thus far. The four keywords Ethics, Rights, Nature and Awareness influence the choice of projects at both local and international level, and can be found in the individual projects.


Albert Schweitzer once said: "The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.“ This motto also applies to the work of the ERNA Foundation.


Responsibility towards other people is not only particularly close to our hearts, but we are also aware that ethics means that thoughts must be translated into deeds and deeds into habits, so as to become firmly anchored in everyday life.

Supported projects


The right to life, the right to freedom, the right to freedom of expression and religion. These are all well-known fundamental rights that form part of the human rights and basic freedoms that we in western countries can no longer imagine being without.


Yet there are still numerous adults and even children whose rights are being infringed or restricted, and who are dependent on help. We wish to offer them this support.

Supported projects


Proactiva Open Arms NGO Barcelona 


Nature, everything not created by humans and yet perceived by humans as in principle a matter of course. People frequently only again become aware of its power and importance when they read or see reports of disasters in the news. However, it is precisely this that has to be countered.

Through the ERNA Foundation we wish to make a decisive contribution towards people again treating the environment with greater awareness and better understanding the effects of their actions. We also support organisations that provide on-site assistance during environmental disasters and make a lasting contribution towards nature conservation. 


Awareness - mindfulness towards fellow human beings, respect, tolerance and acceptance are values for which our Foundation stands, and the spread of which we strengthen through various projects. Responsibility towards the environment and others are also well-known and important principles. Yet one thing is frequently forgotten: responsibility towards oneself. This too is a subject that is close to the hearts of us as team of the ERNA Foundation.


Through the ERNA Foundation we wish to contribute even more towards (own) mindfulness in the world. Through the additional focus on "self-leadership" and "self-responsibility", we wish to support and motivate people to also be mindful of their own health, mental strength and physical fitness, to take their lives into their own hands, to better understand contexts and to learn new things.


Supported projects


GORILLA Summercamp 2020


Swiss Ice Challenge

AWARENESS | 2017/2018

Fraternity Disabled Self Help e.V.