ETHICS | 2021

Support for Boy with cancer

Together with the HUC Help United for Children Foundation and the Palliative Care, Children's Hospital Lucerne, we supported a family with a boy suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, the diagnosis of medulloblastroma (malignant tumour in the cerebellum) was confirmed at the Children's Hospital Lucerne. Because a ill child also incurs enormous additional costs, we wanted to help the family financially with a donation. 



Help United for Children Foundation

HUC supports children and young people suffering from cancer. They work primarily with children's hospitals. In this case, the request for support was submitted to the Lucerne Children's Hospital Palliative Care. The support from the HUC covers additional costs due to the illness, such as care for siblings, loss of wages for the mother when she is with the child in hospital, Spitex, travel costs, etc. The aim is to support families who are no longer able to pay for additional costs due to the child's chemotherapy.