Doing good and at the same time helping people spread the good in the world, are two of the motives that contributed towards the establishment of the ERNA Foundation. To be able to fulfil its objectives and to be both a sponsor as well as an initiator of non-profit projects, the young foundation needs the help of charitable supporters.


Transparency and sincerity are of fundamental importance to the ERNA Foundation, in order for donors to receive confirmation of donations to individual projects as well as an official donation receipt. For us, use of the donations exclusively for the purpose defined by the supporter is a self-evident promise to you. 


If you, as private person or company, wish to make a donation to the ERNA Foundation, kindly contact Maike van Dijk, who will be pleased to hear from you.



The ERNA Foundation welcomes every inquiry concerning a possible sponsorship project, whereby the keywords Ethics, Rights, Nature and Awareness constitute a fundamental framework. A requirement for inclusion in our sponsorship catalogue is therefore that the project has a fundamental reference to these spheres of activity.  


The ERNA Foundation also attaches importance to the following points when making its selection.

  • Transparency: the transparency of a possible project is very close to our hearts, in order to ensure that the donations of our supporters also reach the place at which good is done. For us, this includes the disclosure of the correct accounting, plausibility and a permanent exchange of information throughout the entire duration of the project. 
  • Project plan: a specific project framework, including the calculation of the required sponsorship funds, must be available at the time of application. Only in this way can we ensure the integrity of the proposition.