ETHICS | 2017

Caritas "Christmas wishes"

Together with Radio 24 and Ruckstuhl Garages, Caritas has for some years been organising a Christmas wish campaign during the Advent Season for Children living in the Canton Zurich who are affected by poverty. Listeners can fulfil 10 diffrent gift wishes every day. We contributed towards enabling the fulfilment of a further 100 Christmas wishes of children.


The Caritas Christmas wish Campaign concerns itself with the wishes of children between the ages of 5 months and 15 years whose parents are users of "KulturLegi". The children were made aware of the campaign through the sending of this Kultur Legi newsletter. In addition to the 140 wishes required for the campaign, Caritas received further wishes as a result of the appeal. These wishes could only be fulfilled thanks to additional donations. The involvement of ERNA Foundation in this was beyond all question.