ETHICS | 2017

Theodora “Dream Doctors”

Since 1993, the Theodora Foundation has been pursuing the objective of brightening up the everyday life of children in hospitals and specialist institutions through happiness and laughter. Today, the Foundation - recognised as being non-profit - organises and finances weekly visits by 65 professional artists to 35 hospitals and 29 institutions for handicapped children in Switzerland. One of the five programmes is the Dream Doctors that has also attracted the attention of ERNA.


The Dream Doctors of the Theodora Foundation are a number of artists who go into the children's hospitals every week to offer the children some diversion and a smile. One important thing here is in particular being able to cope better with the difficult situation of the children and parents, and to escape from the everyday life of a sick child through the playful manner. Particularly during long stays, the Dream Doctors frequently become a firm fixture that the children also look forward to in advance. Our donation has enabled the financing of artists' visits to 200 children who, as a result, were able to forget their fears for a short moment. We were naturally present during the symbolic handover of the cheque at the children's hospital.