Through the fund-raising event "SWISS ICE Challenge", the

ERNA Foundation created  improved awareness for the health-promoting aspect of "Self-Leadership", completely in line with the principle of "demonstrate awareness". With the help of the financial donations collected both before and during the event, the ERNA Foundation will support selected research projects in the field of autoimmune illnesses and their avoidance, and promote "self-awareness projects" of partner organisations.

This was the first SWISS ICE CHALLENGE 2019

After many weeks of preparation, the most spectacular charity event in Switzerland took place on the first weekend of March 2019. On Friday, 1stMarch 2019, 87 of the 130 participants including all instructors and organizers gathered in Laax for a special preparatory workshop with Wim Hof to get in the right mood for the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE. All participants then started on Saturday, 2ndMarch 2019 for the good cause. People of different origins and lifestyles had a common goal: to do something good for themselves and their health and to inspire others to treat themselves more carefully. When everyone arrived at the Crap Masgen after the 60-minute walk from the Crap Sogn Gion, nobody thought about stopping. All participants spent the full 90 minutes in the freezing cold and - thanks to the appropriate preparations - felt strengthened and full of euphoria. Whether man or woman, young or old, everyone seemed to agree after the CHALLENGE: I will join again next year!


In the evening it was shown in the hotel Waldhaus Flims that a donation gala can come along everything else than classical and boring. Right at the beginning of the evening all 185 guests could prove their sense of rhythm and made the hall quake with bongos under the guidance of "Drum Conversation". A compilation of pictures of the day from the CHALLANGE with musical accompaniment from “Tensions”, a young newcomer band, showed everyone present once again why the SWISS ICE CHALLENGE can really make a difference. The unexpectedly high donation of CHF 403,935 almost moved those responsible for the supported projects "Herzsprung" and EQUILIBRIUM to tears. Both are certain: thanks to this support, they can push a lot forward and even save human lives.