Colours and Music Project at the Camp Katsika of Lisa Hess

In April 2016, a cultural centre was set up by refugees and helpers at the refugee camp in Idomeni, where various events and regular teaching took place in German, English, Farsi and Kurdish. The teaching was in part accompanied by psychologists who observed the children, in order to provide support to traumatised children in therapy discussions if necessary. Creative offers such as dance and art were also provided. The aim was to create a place of cultural exchange, and to enable children to bring structure to the chaotic everyday life in the camp. A school already existed at the Katsika Camp, however no form of cultural organisation. Based on this, the Colours and Music project was organised there and a place of cultural exchange created.


The Colours and Music project was created by the two art students Lisa Hess and Ioana Troschke, who wish to help refugee children and youths at the Katsika Ioanninon Camp (Epirus, Greece) to come to terms with their experiences. Based on the example of Arno Stern, a "painting location" was created at which children could live out their innermost, away from the outside world and without subsequent analysis. In addition there were arts and crafts stations, theatre workshops and an extensive musical offer, accompanied by various artists and volunteers.