AWARENESS | 2017/2018

Fraternität Behinderten Selbsthilfe e.V.

The Fraternity has existed for over 50 years, and is a community of physically handicapped, long-term sick and non-handicapped people in Frankfurt. The aim of the community is to free handicapped people from their isolation and to integrate them into the community.

I. Donation for leisure-time measure (Oberstdorf) / 2017

One very important form of support by the Fraternity is the financing of leisure time for handicapped people, as the subsidies from the social welfare authorities are in significant decline. However, precisely this leisure time is particularly important for these people, as the reciprocal support and motivation enables them to redevelop self-esteem that is frequently lost during dealings with non-handicapped people. In autumn 2017 the help of the ERNA Foundation enabled a 14-day trip to Oberstdorf.

II. Donation for care work / 2018

The Fraternity offers the group of severely handicapped people cared for various leisure-time and group events that are of decisive importance for the sense of integration into society. The people become active, hold conversations with handicapped and non-handicapped persons, and rediscover their self-esteem. The subsidies for this are low, the events very important - consequently, it was a matter of great importance for us to provide support here.

III. Donation for leisure-time measure (North-Sea Island Schiermonnikoog) / 2018

In spring 2018, the ERNA Foundation again supported the financing of a leisure-time measure by assuming the entire travel costs for two handicapped persons. As a result, they were able to spend 10 days on the North-Sea Island Schiermonnikoog together with the Fraternity.